RNDr. Jiří Moravec, CSc.
RNDr. Petr Dolejš, Ph.D.
Nematogmus sanguinolentus (Walckenaer, 1841) VU
The Na Hupech meadow in Prague-Modřany is an important site for both biodiversity and well-being of local people. A survey conducted by the authors there in 2018–2020 revealed 90 spider, three harvestman, three false scorpion, eight millipede, two centipede, seven woodlice, 47 leaf- and planthopper, 66 true bug, 37 beetle, three amphibian, three reptilian and 88 vascular plant species. Among them, the silvaniid beetle Airaphilus elongatus is considered Critically Endangered according to the Czech Red List
true bug Ceraleptus gracilicornis, beetle Agyrtes bicolor and frog Bufotes viridis are Endangered
spider Nematogmus sanguinolentus, true bug Galeatus maculatus, beetle Tropinota hirta, frog Bufo bufo and lizard Lacerta agilis are vulnerable species. Beetles Oxythyrea funesta and Tropinota hirta, frogs Bufo bufo, Bufotes
viridis and Rana dalmatina, lizards Anguis fragilis and Lacerta agilis and snake Natrix natrix are specially protected species according to the Czech law. In addition, Thyreocoris fulvipennis (Heteroptera: Thyreocoridae) has been recorded there for the first time in Bohemia. Due to its rich biodiversity and occurrence of protected and threatened species, the site should be maintained in its current state and protected against construction activities.
Dolejš P., Zeman Š. & Moravec J. (2020): Vybrané skupiny živočichů a rostlin louky Na Hupech, biologicky a rekreačně cenné lokality v Praze-Modřanech. Selected animal and plant taxa of the Na Hupech meadow, a biologically and recreationally valuable site in Prague-Modřany (Central Bohemia). Bohem. cent. 36: 79–115, 350–351 (in Czech, English abstract and summary).