RNDr. Milan Řezáč, Ph.D.
RNDr. Vlastimil Růžička, CSc.
ŘEZÁČ et al. (2021) reported 47 species newly discovered in Czechia. The aim of this contribution is to add their ecological characteristics so that they can also be used as bioindicators for ecological evaluations and in nature protection. In addition, former incorrect usage of categories LC (least concern) and ES (ecologically sustainable) by ŘEZÁČ et al. (2015) is substituted by categories NT (near threatened) and LC (least concern), respectively.
Růžička V. & Řezáč M. (2022): Druhý dodatek ke Katalogu pavouků České republiky a k červenému seznamu; druhy objevené v letech 2008–2020. Second supplement to the Catalogue of Spiders of the Czech Republic and to the Red List of Czech spiders; species discovered in 2008–2020. Pavouk 52: 6–13 (in Czech, English abstract).