RNDr. Antonín Kůrka
Thc Department of Zoology (National Museum, Prague) obtained a large arachnological collec tion as an inheritance of thc cminent Czech zoologist Professor František Miller in 1983. Tbc collection consists of more than 80 000 specimens, most of them from Bohemia, Moravia, and
Data on 1856 specimcns of the firs t part of the MiI1er's collection are given in the present survey. The materia l belongs to 106 species of 13 families: Atypidae, Eresidae, Amaurobiidae, Titanoecidac, Dictynidae, Uloboridac, Pholcidae, Zodariidae, Zoridae, Anyphaenidae, Eusparassidae, Dysderidae and Gnaphosidae.
Kůrka A. (1994e): Přehled druhů pavouků (Araneida) ve sbírce Prof. F. Millera (Zoologické sbírky přírodovědeckého muzea – Národníhomuzea), část I [A survey of spiders (Araneida) in Prof. F. Miller’s collection (Department of Zoology, Museum of Natural History – National Museum), Part I]. Čas. Nár. Muz., Řada přírodověd.163: 43–54 (in Czech, English summary).