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Theridiidae 0-19001901-19501951-20002001+
Asagena meridionalis Kulczyński, 1894 Nezvěstný

Asagena meridionalis Kulczyński, 1894

České jménosnovačka východní
Stupeň ohroženíNezvěstný
Nálezy1 nálezů, 1 kvadrátů
První nález 1910, E. Reimoser, Knoflach 1996
Poslední nález 1910
Areál rozšířeníEuropean - ME (Gr.) [Pan.]
Fytogeografická oblastThermo
Původnost stanovišťclimax
Hojnost výskytuvery rare
Nadm. výška200-200


 © Oto Zimmermann
The phalerata-group of Steatoda in Europe (Araehnida: Araneae, Theridiidae). - The Steatoda phalerata graup apparently is more rich in species in southern Europe than previously assumed. S. phalerata (PANZER) is widely distributed in temperate and southern Europe. Three additional, closely related species occur in Mediterranean countries. S. meridionalis (KULCZYNSKI) is a south-eastern species, which is now known to occur between the Ukraine, Gruziya, Greece, Croatia, and Hungary, western-most localities close to the Austrian border near Sopran and in Moravia. S. italiea n.sp. is adriatomediterranean, occurring in mid- and northern Italy (Veneto) and in Corsica. In museum materials, single specimens have been found also in S. phalerata vials from "France" and from "Carnioie", so probably S. italiea exists also in southern France and in Siovenia. S. brignolii n.sp. is now known from two localities in Greece. Two former "subspecies", S. ph. eorsiea (SIMON) and S. ph. seraiensis (NOSEK) clearly belong to S. phalerata (nov. syn.). A close relative to the three mediterranean species exists in North America, S. amerieana (EMERTON), which was included for comparison. S. brignolii is known only from the female; the other species are characterized in both sexes. In addition, a key to this species group is given and information about copulatory behaviour is summarized. Copulation corresponds to that of Crustulina and differs strongly from other Steatoda species.


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Asagena meridionalis Kulczyński, 1894 RESamciSamiceMláďataNálezy

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Asagena meridionalis Kulczyński, 1894 RESamciSamiceMláďataNálezy