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Čeleď Cheliferidae (3x)
Mesochelifer (3x) Mesochelifer ressli (Mahnert, 1981) 0

Mesochelifer ressli (Mahnert, 1981)

České jménoštírek podkorní
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 © Oto Zimmermann
The present catalogue lists data for a total of 176 specimens belonging to 18 species in the pseudoscorpion collection of the Czech arachnologist František Miller (1902–1983), housed in the National Museum in Prague. The material was collected during 1940–1976 in the modern-day Czech Republic and Slovakia. For these two countries, especially noteworthy items are species such as Mesochelifer ressli, Rhacochelifer euboicus, Neobisium brevidigitatum and Neobisium cf. jugorum.

 © Oto Zimmermann
Faunistic data for pseudoscorpions from Litovelské Pomoraví PLA is given for the fi rst time. A total of 710 specimens of pseudoscorpions have been collected during the years 1998–2008 in this area. This material contains 11 species, representing 4 families. The most abundant were epigean species from the genus Neobisium which form 77,5 % of collected material. The concrete faunistic record of Mesochelifer ressli is presented from Czech Republic for the second time. A comparison with the other studied areas from the Czech Republic is presented.