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Čeleď Neobisiidae (3x)
Neobisium (3x) Neobisium crassifemoratum (Beier,1928) 0

Neobisium crassifemoratum (Beier,1928)

České jménoštírek tlustonohý
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 © Oto Zimmermann

First records of pseudoscorpions from Lithuania are presented based on specimens preserved in Lithuanian collections and new material collected during the latest ten years. Pseudoscorpions were collected at 25 localities in both deciduous and coniferous forests at altitudes of 5 to 186 m above the sea level. Sifting of litter and moss, pitfall traps and collecting by picking under the bark of deadwood were used as the collecting methods. Altogether 132 specimens belonging to eight species from three families were recorded. The findings of Neobisium crassifemoratum (Beier, 1928) represent the northernmost known records of the species.