RNDr. Antonín Kůrka
A list of the spider species (Araneae) found in the Kolín region (a district surrounding the town of Kolín in central Bohemia) in the period 1932 to 2009 is presented. The data were obtained from a variety of habitats such as rock steppes, deciduous and evergreen forests, meadows, wetlands and river banks. In 30 localities we identified a total of 301 spider species some of which are rare and endangered in the Czech Republic. Data on distribution, ecology and bionomy are given for each species.
Kůrka A. (2010): Dosavadní poznatky o pavoucích (Araneae) Kolínska. Present knowledge of the spider fauna (Araneae) in the Kolín region. Práce muzea v Kolíně, řada přírodovědná 9 (2010): 53-91. (in Czech, English abstract and summary)