Pavel Bezděčka
Leiobunum sp. A
During the last two decades a yet unidentified invasive species of harvestmen known under the provisional name Leiobunum sp. A has been spreading over Europe. The occurrence of this species, remarkable by its long legs and tendency to form large aggregations, has so far been reported from several countries in western, central and northern Europe. In this paper we provide an information on the first record of this species in the Czech Republic. Given its current range with the core in the Benelux and the Rhineland, the discovery of a remote small population in the southeast of the Czech Republic is interesting.
Bezděčka P., Bezděčková K., Pěnča M. & Budnikov N. (2021): First record of invasive harvestman Leiobunum sp. A (Arachnida: Opiliones) in the Czech Republic. První nález invazního sekáče Leiobunum sp. A (Arachnida: Opiliones) v České republice. Acta Rer. Nat. 26: 9–11.