RNDr. Petr Dolejš, Ph.D.

Two species, Pardosa pertinax von Helversen, 2000 and Simitidion agaricographum (Levy &
Amitai, 1982), are reported from Turkey for the first time. A new Turkish locality is presented for Euophrys sulphurea (L. Koch, 1867). In the lycosid Pardosa atomaria (C. L. Koch, 1847), a variability of receptacle shape was reported. A lycosid Arctosa tbilisiensis Mcheidze, 1946 was proved to be formerly confused with Arctosa lutetiana (Simon, 1876)
the latter species thus has to be deleted from the check list of Turkish spiders. Illustrations and locality records are provided for each species.

Uyar Z. & Dolejš P. (2017): New records and notes on some spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae, Salticidae, Theridiidae) from Turkey. Entomol. News 127 (1): 51–63. DOI: 10.3157/021.127.0107.


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