Mgr. Ondřej Machač, Ph.D.
This paper describes the spider and Harvestmen fauna on tree trunks in the locality Lhotské Paseky near Lhota u Vsetína (Vsetín district, Moravia, Czech Republic). Spiders were collected by pitfall traps which were placed on tree trunks (spruce and beech) at three different heights – 0.5, 2 and 4 m. A total 33 spider species and 3 Harvestmen species were collected. More species were collected on the spruce trunks then on the beech trunks. Drapetisca socialis was the most abundant species on beech
Amaurobius fenestralis and harvestman Platybunus bucephalus
were the most abundant on spruce. A rare finding is the Carpathian endemic species Dasumia carpatica, Lhotské Paseky is a new locality of this species for the Czech Republic.
Machač O. (2014): Pavouci a sekáči na kmenech stromů Hostýnsko-vsetínské hornatiny. Spiders and harvestmen on tree trunks in Hostýnsko-vsetínská highlands. Acta Carp. Occ. 5: 64–67 (in Czech, English abstract).