Arctosa cinerea (Fabricius, 1777) CR

A rich population of the Giant Riverbank Wolf Spider (Arctosa cinerea) was observed on the naturalised stretch of the Bečva river. The Red List of the Czech Spiders evaluates this species as critically endangered. Not only this rare spider occurs at the site, but other endangered invertebrates also find appropriate conditions here and thus the locality should be protected. The realisation of the plan to build a dam near the village of Skalička would lead to the changes of the water regime that could cause the extermination of the Giant Riverbank Wolf Spider at the Bečva river.

Trávníček D. (2017): Slíďák břehový (Arctosa cinerea) na štěrkových lavicích řeky Bečvy u obce Skalička. The Giant Riverbank Wolf Spider (Arctosa cinerea) on gravel bars of the Bečva river near the village of Skalička. Acta Carp. Occ. 8: 38–41 (in Czech, English abstract).