RNDr. et Mgr. Ivan Hadrián Tuf, Ph.D.
Mgr. Ondřej Machač, Ph.D.
We studied spiders and harvestmen on tree trunks using three sampling methods. In 2013, spider and harvestman research was conducted on the trunks of selected species of deciduous trees (linden, oak, maple) in the town of Přerov and a surrounding floodplain forest near the Bečva River in the Czech Republic. Three methods were used to collect arachnids (pitfall traps with a conservation fluid, sticky traps and cardboard pocket traps). Overall, 1862 spiders and 864 harvestmen were trapped, represented by 56 spider species belonging to 15 families and seven harvestman species belonging to one family. The most effective method for collecting spider specimens was a modified pitfall trap method, and in autumn (September to October) a cardboard band method. The results suggest a high number of spiders overwintering on the tree bark. The highest species diversity of spiders was found in pitfall traps, evaluated as the most effective method for collecting harvestmen too.
Machač O. & Tuf I. H. (2016): Spiders and harvestmen on tree trunks obtained by three sampling methods. Arachnol. Mitt. 51: 67–72. DOI: 10.5431/aramit5110.