Ing. Bc. Jana Niedobová, Ph.D.
Mgr. Ondřej Machač, Ph.D.
Spiders of Hůrka u Hranic National Nature Reserve were investigated during the year 2011. Several capture methods were used during the vegetation season (from April to November) in many various habitats of this territory. Altogether, 92 species from 27 families were recorded, including very rare and remarcable species. Majority of such species prefer thermophilous habitats: Atypus affi nis Eichwald, 1830, Dysdera czechica Řezáč, in prep., Theridion melanurum Hahn, 1831, Agroeca cuprea Menge, 1873, Drassyllus villicus (Thorell, 1875), Zodarion germanicum (C. L. Koch, 1837) and Dipoena melanogaster (C. L. Koch, 1837). Some species are also listed in the Red List of threatened species in the Czech Republic: Cheiracanthium elegans Thorell, 1875 in category endangered (EN), Cozyptila blackwalli (Simon, 1875) and Leptorchestes berolinensis (C. L. Koch, 1846) in category vulnerable (VU). Altogether, 144 spider species are now known from the reserve
they represent 16.6% of araneofauna of the Czech Republic.
Machač O. & Niedobová J. (2015): Spiders (Araneae) of Hůrka u Hranic National Nature Reserve (Moravia, Czech Republic). Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendel. Brun. 63 (1): 65–75. DOI: 10.11118/actaun201563010065.