RNDr. František Šťáhlavský, Ph.D.
RNDr. et Mgr. Ivan Hadrián Tuf, Ph.D.
Mgr. Ondřej Machač, Ph.D.
Invertebrates living in bryophytes were investigated to determine how the species of bryophyte and environmental factors affect them. 61 bryophyte samples were collected from which the animals were extracted by heat. In addition, a set of environmental variables was recorded for each sample. A total of 45 invertebrate species belonging to 13 higher taxonomic groups were identified from 15 bryophyte species. The richest assemblages of invertebrates were found in Brachythecium curtum growing on a decaying tree. The type of substrate and height above ground were the most important environmental factors affecting the distribution of invertebrates.
Božanić B., Hradílek Z., Machač O., Pižl V., Šťáhlavský F., Tufová J., Véle A. & Tuf I. H. (2013): Factors affecting invertebrate assemblages in bryophytes of the Litovelské Luhy National Nature Reserve, Czech Republic. Acta zool. bulg. 65 (2): 197–206.