MUDr. Kryštof Rückl
Araniella alpica (L. Koch, 1869) LC
Araniella inconspicua (Simon, 1874) VU
More than its appearance, Araniella inconspicua is inconspicuous thanks to its early maturity already in April before the start of the growing season. It is a thermophilic species occuring in forest-steppe areas. A targeted search especially on the edges of thermophilic oak forests at the end of April or the beginning of May would certainly detect new places of its occurrence. It can be recognized well in the field by its almost monochromatic opisthosoma and conspicuous white border of sigilae. The old records of this species from mountain and foothill areas are likely to be confused with Araniella alpica without lateral dots. These speciemens would therefore certainly deserve revision. This article provides guidance on the macroscopic and microscopic distinction of both species.
Rückl K. (2023): V čem tkví nenápadnost křižáka nenápadného? What does the inconspicuousness of Araniella inconspicua consist in? Pavouk 54: 12–21 (in Czech, English abstract)