MUDr. Kryštof Rückl
Gibbaranea bituberculata (Walckenaer, 1802) LC
Gibbaranea ullrichi (Hahn, 1835) CR
The article provides information about the first record of Gibbaranea ullrichi (Hahn, 1835) in Czechia. An adult female was caught by sweeping on 23 April 2023 at the Váté písky national nature monument. This rare species can be easily distinguished from Gibbaranea bituberculata by the direction of the tubercles on opisthosoma sharply upwards and slightly backwards. The guanin spot in the front of opisthosoma is large. The biology of the species seems to be similar to Gibbaranea bituberculata. Adults of Gibbaranea ullrichi appear already in early spring. An adult female can be caught from April to June. Due to the low frequency of records and the life to warm sandy areas, we classify this species as critically endangered in Czechia.
Rückl K. (2023): Křižák Gibbaranea ullrichi v Česku – jehla v kupce sena nalezena! The orb-weaver Gibbaranea ullrichi in Czechia – the needle in the haystack was found. Pavouk 54: 5–11 (in Czech, English abstract)