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Gnaphosa montana (L. Koch, 1866) Endangered 1x 48x 8x 57x

Gnaphosa montana (L. Koch, 1866)

Czech nameskálovka podkorní
Threat levelEndangered
Records57 nálezů, 32 kvadrátů
First record 1935, J. Kratochvíl, Miller 1939
Last record 2015 , Radim Kočvara
Distribution areaPalaearctic - E-S
Phytogeographic areaOreo
Původnost stanovišťclimax, semi-natural
Humiditysemi-humid, humid
StratumGround layer, Tree trunks
Osvětlení stanovišťpartly shaded
Hojnost výskytuscarce


 © Oto Zimmermann
Data on the spider fauna from the forest ecosystems of the Děvín National Nature Reserve (South Moravia, Czech Republic) are presented. The research was carried out on 15 randomly chosen research plots in oak-hornbeam forest stands within different management regimes. Spider sampling was done by pitfall trapping from May to October 2016. Overall, 3683 adult spiders belonging to 22 families, 70 genera and 116 species were collected. The families Linyphiidae, Lycosidae, Gnaphosidae and Thomisidae exhibited high species richness. The most abundant species were Pardosa lugubris (Walckenaer, 1802) and Trochosa terricola Thorell, 1856. Faunistically remarkable species were Atypus piceus (Sulzer, 1776), Drassyllus villicus (Thorell, 1875), Gnaphosa montana (L. Koch, 1866), Panamomops affinis Miller & Kratochvíl, 1939 and Walckenaeria monoceros (Wider, 1834). The record of Gnaphosa montana is one of the first accounts of this psychrophilic spider from European lowlands. Of the identified species, 23 are listed in the Red List of Threatened Species in the Czech Republic (EN – 1 species, VU – 12 species, LC – 10 species).



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Gnaphosa montana (L. Koch, 1866) VUMalesFemalesJuvenilesRecords
Individuální sběr28010
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Gnaphosa montana (L. Koch, 1866) VUMalesFemalesJuvenilesRecords
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