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Mermessus trilobatus (Emerton, 1882) Not endangered 38× 38×

Mermessus trilobatus (Emerton, 1882)

Czech namepavučenka trojlaločná
Threat levelNot endangered
Records38 nálezů, 26 kvadrátů
First record 2007, A. Roušar, in litt.
Last record 2022 , Antonín Roušar
Distribution areaHolarctic
Phytogeographic areaThermo, Meso
Původnost stanovišťsemi-natural, disturbed
StratumGround layer
Hojnost výskytuscarce


 © Oto Zimmermann
To learn whether the recent increase in the number of Central European spider species reflects a still-incomplete state of faunistic research or real temporal changes in the Central European fauna, we evaluated the records of 47 new species observed in 2008–2020 in Czechia, one of the faunistically best researched regions in Europe. Because of the intensified transportation of materials, enabling the introduction of alien species, and perhaps also because of climatic changes that allow thermophilic species to expand northward, the spider fauna of this region is dynamic. Our analysis showed that only 15 spider species newly recorded in Czechia likely belong to the indigenous fauna. The remaining two-thirds likely appeared in this region recently. Half of these species are likely thermophilic species that expanded their distribution to the north, possibly due to global warming, and the second half are subtropical or tropical species introduced to heated buildings. Only three species were introduced to natural habitats, and only two of them, Mermessus trilobatus and Erigone autumnalis (Linyphiidae), can be considered true invasive species.



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Mermessus trilobatus (Emerton, 1882) ESMalesFemalesJuvenilesRecords
Individuální sběr4504
Zemní past3319018
Žlutá miska1001

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Mermessus trilobatus (Emerton, 1882) ESMalesFemalesJuvenilesRecords
Bylinné porosty břehů1001
Skalní stepi na jiných horninách1001
Lesní okraje4002
Mezofilní louky3403
Ostřicové porosty stojatých vod0101
Mokré louky0101
Výsadby listnáčů0001
Suché doubravy121202
Těžebny písku a jiných nezpevněných hornin0101
Suché lesní lemy5201
Suťové a roklinové lesy1001
Písčité břehy1001
Rákosiny a orobincové porosty stojatých vod1001
Kamenité suti nižších poloh0101