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Drassyllus villicus (Thorell, 1875) Endangered 117× 40× 159×

Drassyllus villicus (Thorell, 1875)

Czech nameskálovka vidlicová
Threat levelEndangered
Records159 nálezů, 38 kvadrátů
First record 1932, J. Kratochvíl, Miller 1939
Last record 2021 , Vlastimil Růžička, Jan Dolanský
Distribution areaEuropean - Me.
Phytogeographic areaThermo
Původnost stanovišťclimax
Humidityvery dry, dry
StratumGround layer
Osvětlení stanovišťopen, semi-open
Hojnost výskyturare


 © Oto Zimmermann
A total of 114 spider species from 25 families and one harvestmen species were found during the zoological research at several sites in the Podyjí National Park during 2019. Of them, forty-one species are listed in the Red List of spiders of the Czech Republic. Four new species for the Podyjí NP were recorded – Callilepis nocturna (Linnaeus, 1758), Euryopis laeta (Westring, 1861), Phrurolithus minimus C. L. Koch, 1839 and Trichoncus auritus (L. Koch, 1869). Among the most interesting species, four critically endangered spiders – Civizelotes caucasius (L. Koch, 1866), Phrurolithus szilyi Herman, 1879, Gnaphosa modestior Kulczyński, 1897 and Eresus moravicus Řezáč, 2008 should be mentioned. Other rare species include Acartauchenius scurrilis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873), Agyneta fuscipalpa (C. L. Koch, 1836), Arctosa figurata (Simon, 1876), Atypus affinis Eichwald, 1830, Bassaniodes robustus (Hahn, 1832), Callilepis schuszteri (Herman, 1879), Centromerus incilium (L. Koch, 1881), Centromerus leruthi Fage, 1933, Cheiracanthium effossum Herman, 1879, Drassyllus villicus (Thorell, 1875), Euryopis quinqueguttata Thorell, 1875, Frontinellina frutetorum (C. L. Koch, 1835), Gibbaranea gibbosa (Walckenaer, 1802), Gnaphosa opaca Herman, 1879, Haplodrassus cognatus (Westring, 1861), Haplodrassus dalmatensis (L. Koch, 1866), Haplodrassus minor (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1879), Heterotheridion nigrovariegatum (Simon, 1873), Kishidaia conspicua (L. Koch, 1866), Leptorchestes berolinensis (C. L. Koch, 1846), Minicia marginella (Wider, 1834), Phrurolithus pullatus Kulczyński, 1897, Trichopterna cito (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873), Walckenaeria simplex Chyzer, 1894, Zelotes erebeus (Thorell, 1871) and Zora manicata Simon, 1878.

 © Oto Zimmermann
Data on the spider fauna from the forest ecosystems of the Děvín National Nature Reserve (South Moravia, Czech Republic) are presented. The research was carried out on 15 randomly chosen research plots in oak-hornbeam forest stands within different management regimes. Spider sampling was done by pitfall trapping from May to October 2016. Overall, 3683 adult spiders belonging to 22 families, 70 genera and 116 species were collected. The families Linyphiidae, Lycosidae, Gnaphosidae and Thomisidae exhibited high species richness. The most abundant species were Pardosa lugubris (Walckenaer, 1802) and Trochosa terricola Thorell, 1856. Faunistically remarkable species were Atypus piceus (Sulzer, 1776), Drassyllus villicus (Thorell, 1875), Gnaphosa montana (L. Koch, 1866), Panamomops affinis Miller & Kratochvíl, 1939 and Walckenaeria monoceros (Wider, 1834). The record of Gnaphosa montana is one of the first accounts of this psychrophilic spider from European lowlands. Of the identified species, 23 are listed in the Red List of Threatened Species in the Czech Republic (EN – 1 species, VU – 12 species, LC – 10 species).


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Zemní past380104095
Individuální sběr1011011

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Drassyllus villicus (Thorell, 1875) VUMalesFemalesJuvenilesRecords
Suché louky3714021
Lesostepní doubravy10943020
Suché doubravy3020017
Suťové a roklinové lesy8405
Xerotermní travinobylinná společenstva26304
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Reliktní bory na skalách1403
Skalní stepi na vápenci78011
Stinné skály nižších poloh1102
Mokré louky0101
Kamenité suti nižších poloh233010
Lesní okraje3306
Porosty borůvek0101
Suché křoviny1102
Acidofilní bory8003